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March is International Women’s Month and Mother’s Day is just two weeks away, so we want to honour inspirational women everywhere.

One lady who is the epitome of inspiration and influence is Annmarie Richards. As founder of Stars of Hope in Clarendon, Jamaica, Ms Richards recognised a need in her community to support young people. Without formal qualifications and with very little money she helped at least fifty young people with her advice, practical help, emotional support and accommodation. Surviving a difficult childhood herself, she could relate to the young people and encourage them to move forward.

All mothers and mother-figures like Annmarie are instrumental in our lives. They have influenced us all in so many areas. An example being the way that our mothers’ prepared meals. Never mind the Caribbean cuisine cookbooks – you can’t beat the experience of witnessing a maestro at work.

When you watched, your mother boiling the pot of rice or soaking the peas for the rice and peas, or seasoning the meat for the curry goat, did you ever think about the origins of these dishes?

A clue to the roots of our food can be found on the Jamaican coat of arms “Out of Many One People”. The motto reflects the vibrant mix of cultures and races which have influenced the lifestyle and food of the island. This stimulating assortment of colours and flavours, which we have today is a legacy from nations such as the Spanish, British, Dutch, African and French. Did you realise that our beloved rice and peas which derived from a Ghanaian dish called Waakye?

Whether it is your mother, step-mother, aunt, sister or neighbour, celebrate their life and all that they generously give to the world. Tell them you love them, appreciate them and plan something memorable for them.

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