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How is it possible that an island of only 2.9 million people can boast not one, but two of the fastest people in the World today?

We are talking of course about Usain Bolt – the fastest person ever no less – and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who have each recently picked up gold medals for the 100m sprint in the World Championships to add to their already burgeoning collections.  But a quick look at the Olympic statistics shows that Jamaica virtually owns the blue ribbon event.

In total they have accumulated 67 Olympic medals virtually all of which are from sprints. That is a remarkable 23 medals per million population. By comparison America limps in a distant second place with only 8 medals per million and that covers both Summer and Winter Olympics and all events. If you just took the sprint events, well it would get embarrassing.

Quite an achievement for a small island and one to ponder, but that is only the beginning. Jamaica has created two global brands as well. Reggae music is now recognised as an entire music genre in it’s own right and is popular right across the World.

And of course how could we forget jerk cooking. Now the fastest growing form of street food in London and if it follows reggae it could soon gain global recognition. If Rudie’s has it’s way that’s exactly what will happen.

Watch this space people!