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Father’s Day is around the corner, so it’s only right that we honour fathers and father figures everywhere!

When you think of a father what image comes to mind? Is it someone that you look to for emotional support or it is someone who knows when you need practical help?

Well, anyone living in Gregory Park, Portmore, Jamaica, may have already encountered a young man who fits the bill.

Thirty-year-old Ricardo Burke is the founder of an organisation in St Catherine called Yutes 4 Change Foundation, whose philosophy towards young people is ‘Changing today, for a better tomorrow.’

While going through some difficult times himself, Burke saw what was going on around him and decided to challenge poverty amongst the young children in the Walker Avenue community. At first, with his own money, then later with help of food and donations from residents, churches and other organisations; Burke provided youngsters with a filling and nutritious breakfast of banana and oats porridge. He and the team also help with lunch money and offer homework help. This positive action from one ‘step-father’ has had an impact on many in the wider community.

It is no coincidence that Burke’s choice of breakfast is also a part of many Jamaicans’ diets. This staple dish, which came about through the influence of the British, with traditional ingredients such as cornmeal and green bananas are known to boost energy and help increase iron intake.

At Rudies, we believe that having tasty and wholesome meals is key to all Jamaican cuisine.

As well as our usual delicious Jamaican fare, with the usual Rudie’s Twist; we have a special mouth-watering peppered steak on the menu, specially prepared for Father’s Day. Served with jerk peppercorn sauce and chunky yam chips and saffron scotch bonnet mayo, your dad will love it!