Wah gwaan...

If you love the spicy-sweet taste of tender charcoal grilled and smoked jerk cooking, refreshing Jamaican beers and rums, the easy vibe of reggae music and the laid back ambience of a fun and sassy social hang out then you are gonna love Rudie’s.

As with somethings Jamaican, Rudie’s took a looooong time coming – tek it easy mon! But it’s been worth the wait…

Our team have spent time scouring the beautiful island of Jamaica and doing nothing but sampling the finest food and drink from the best known eateries, many of which are off the beaten path and known only to the locals. Heck not an easy job but someone had to do it, right?

And our efforts have paid off big style because we’ve learnt from the very best Jamaican jerk centres everything from the butchering techniques, the lengthy marinating process, and the essential ingredients required for our secret rubs and marinades to make mouth watering succulent jerk.

We marinate the meat for at least 24h and only use traditional jerk drums for cooking using real coal not gas, adding carefully selected wood chips that give it the faint smoky flavour we know you will love. Our menu is small focusing on quality, but don’t worry it caters for all tastes and flavours. The servings are small plates, or sharer plates, similar to a tapas experience so you can pick and choose from our great range.

Whilst our food is unmistakably Jamaican, we know that good food doesn’t stand still and we have hand picked chefs with the confidence and experience to be experimental and push boundaries. Heck, Jamaican food is a fusion of India, Africa, China, Spain and England, so our chefs have a broad and exciting tapestry to draw from.

Rudie’s is not just a great dining experience – it’s as much about drinking as eating. We are partnering with the famous Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum who have been distilling rum for over 300 years. It took them a long time, but it’s safe to say they have perfected the art.

We have one of the largest selection of quality Jamaican sipping rums in the country including the likes of Blackwell, Monymusk and the rare Edwin Charley Proprietor’s Collection to name a fewAnd what’s more, our mixologists have created a dozen sensational rum based cocktails chronicling Jamaica’s history including the very special sharing Rudie’s flaming rum punch Katch A Fire. Boom!

So if you fancy a drink, a chat and a few plates, or you want a true dining experience we are waiting for you with a big warm, smiley Jamaican welcome.

Walk good.



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